The faces and the smiles of the pupils of RMS Red Cross Club was a sight to behold as they had looked forward to this visit to the Orphanage.

The pupils departed Role Model School at 9:45am on Tuesday, 21st of May, 2018 really excited as the friendly atmosphere of the Volunteers, the songs they sang and games they played in the bus really made the long distance seem shorter.

The 23 pupils of Role Model School Red Cross club as well as the school representatives arrived at the Optimal Children’s Home in Magodo. The teachers in charge of the Red Cross club are: Mrs. Ezeagwu, Miss Kehinde, Mrs. Ikhuoshio, Mrs. Aiyedun – one of the RMS School Club Supervisors, a representative from the Nigerian Red Cross Society by the name Mrs. Balogun and our honorable and ever smiling Mr. Akindele who covered the event  via photography.

They arrived to the warm welcome of the serene, colourful and clean environment of the Optimal Children’s Home at 10:20am. They received a lovely welcome from the staff as well; it was refreshing.

They went on to take their seats led by the officials of the orphanage while all the gifts brought in from Role Model School for the Orphanage were offloaded. The gifts included: Cartons of Indomie Noodles, biscuits, detergents, Carton of Milo, Milk, disinfectants, drinks, Spaghettis, Toilet rolls, sweets, toothbrush and rice, just to mention a few.

Mrs. Olayemi, the Home Administrator, who fortunately happens to be a member of the Great Red Cross Society, hailed the pupils of Role Model School Red Cross club for the gift and for being worthy members of the Role Model School Red Cross club. She also encouraged them to keep up the good work and initiative of reaching out in love to the Orphanage.

The pupils also had a question and answer session with the administrator where she asked them the following questions:

Administrator: Who is an orphan?

Pupil: An orphan is someone whose parents have died, unknown or permanently abandoned.

Administrator: What is an orphanage?

Pupil 1: An orphanage is a residential or home devoted to the care of orphans.

Pupil 2: An orphanage is the place orphans live.

Administrator: Why are we here?

Pupil 1: We are here to visit our friends.

Pupil 2: We are here to let them know that we care.

Pupil 3: We are here to let them know that we are like them and want the best for them.

Pupil 4: We are here to let them know that they are also the future leaders of tomorrow like we are.

The pupils of Role Model School Red Cross club answered all the questions correctly and kudos was given to them for their impressive effort.

The principles of the Red Cross Society which includes showing concern for humanity and rendering voluntary service were emphasized and extolled.

Thereafter, Mrs. Ezeagwu asked if it was possible for them to meet the children/our friends. Mrs. Olayemi obliged but noted that the older Children had gone to School for their mid- term assessment test so they could only see the babies.

The pupils were so excited to see and spend time with the babies. They carried and played with them, asked their names, sang lullabies to them and prayed for them before leaving.

When they were about to leave, they met with the founder of the Home – Mrs. Lola Ayo- Adedeji, who was also excited to meet them. She was impressed at their hearts of gold and encouraged them to keep helping the less privileged in the society.

A world of thanks goes to the wonderful parents of the pupils of the Red Cross club and the Management of Role Model School for donating gifts that were taken to the Optimal Children’s Home.

It was an awesome experience for the Pupils being of service to the less privileged.

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