In Role Model School, we run an integrated curriculum – The British and The Nigerian Curriculum. The curriculum ensures that teaching and learning are balanced and consistent in which knowledge, skills and understanding are required to achieve a well rounded education.
There are standards or attainment targets in each subject whereby Pupils’ progress are assessed and reported.
Our policy is to present a child-centered curriculum which aims to impact knowledge, using all available resources that will cater for each child’s learning needs.

Co-Curricular Activities

The co-curricular activities in Role Model School play a major role. They help stimulate the mental, physical and social alertness of the child and through these activities we have been able to develop and discover different talents and potentials in each child.

  • Swimming
  • Chess
  • Scrabble
  • Karate
  • Brownie
  • Ballet
  • Music
  • French
  • Stem Club
  • Red Cross
  • Press Club
  • Cub Scout
  • Table Tennis
  • Road Safety
  • ICT Club
  • Art Club
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