Admission at RMS is once a year, at the beginning of a new session in September. However, there is a waiting list at the front desk where parents who intend to bring their child will put their contacts or details. At the start of the admission process, those on the list will be contacted to buy forms. For more details, please call 07042924780, 07017845687

Prospective parents are to the admission page on our website, read through the admission policy, click on the box that certifies that the admission policy has been read. Next, click on “click here to register”. You will be directed to fill the child(ren)’s details. Once the form is filled successfully, a confirmation mail will be sent to the email address provided. For further enquiries, contact: 07042924780 or 07017845687. A date will be fixed for assessments and subsequently interviews and medical tests. Only pupils who scale through these stages will be offered admission into RMS. For more details, please call 07042924780, 07017845687

At RMS, we run the Nigerian- British curriculum. This is a blend of the British and Nigerian curriculum to enable us give our children a culturally enriched education. This enables us to give a broad education, that will help develop the unique and God- given personality of each child.

We have high standards at RMS and so we only recruit the best hands. Our teachers are well qualified graduates who have rich experiences in handling children. They are trained to utilize technology and other available resources to promote teaching in their respective classes.

At RMS, our goal is to develop a total child, hence asides the academics, we expose our pupils to lots of extracurricular activities which help shape and develop their various talents. Examples include: Music, Karate, Ballet, Fun Science, Swimming, Brownies, Cub scouts, Red Cross, Table tennis, chess and scrabble etc.

School resumes 8.00am Monday- Friday. Preschool and Nursery classes close at 1.30pm while the primary pupils close at 2.30pm. We run after school activities for parents who are not able to pick up their children at the specified closing times. After school activities ends at 5.00pm.

We have well equipped sickbay at RMS, manned by qualified nurses who are trained and available to administer first aid, to deal with any accidents or emergencies, or to help if someone is ill.We keep records of all accidents and injuries, and have a procedure in place for ensuring that they are reviewed regularly in order , where possible, to minimize the likelihood of recurrence.The school nurse will contact the parent should a pupil require collection following an accident.We will always contact you if your child suffers anything more than a trivial injury, or if he/she becomes unwell, or if we have any concerns about his/her health. Please, do not hesitate to contact the school nurse at any time if you wish to advise her of any concern that you may have relating to your child’s health.

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